An Otherly AR experience
through somebody elses eyes

City-scale cinematic storytelling, using the next generation of AR enabled mobile devices.


Master filmmakers around the world invite you to search out stories in the cities they love using your AR/MR device, allowing you to explore and uncover new chapters, each vignette geo-linked to a specific location.


Guided by Google/Apple Maps viewers travel the city and, upon reaching each destination, unlock the next sequence of the story using an AR-enabled device and experience the scene as it plays out in the real-world around them.


Witness a mob hit go wrong on the gritty streets of New York, cheer on Hong Kong kung-fu fights or stalk across Mexico City in a nightmarish fairy tale. CULT CITY will have you seek out the next chapter of an AR story told by some of the world’s most talented directors, set in the cities they love.

Environmental Storytelling

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