From the beginning

Everything we do begins with the simple goal of being a place with a passion for doing the very best work.
Before we go on, there’s something you should know

What we make, why we make it

Though our projects are varied there are common themes. We are excited by ‘otherly’ worlds, imaginative settings and unexpected perspectives. The purpose is always grounded in revealing life as it really is and people as they really are. In the end it’s about connecting with that feeling we all have sometimes of living in a strange place in strange times, searching for something more beautiful.

There isn’t one fixed way of doing things but there is a short list of things that always matter

A story that needs to be told - Iconic characters and settings, and a clear sense of what we want the audience to feel. Once we understand the human truth behind the concept then we know it has legs that can take it anywhere.

Cross media potential - We are genuinely excited by the work of reimagining a story in different formats. Every medium offers unique constraints and opportunities for those with a story to tell, we want to master them all.

Embracing Innovation - Inspired by technology and cultural change great stories have always looked to the future. We are in a golden age for creativity in established channels such as television, film and comics, meanwhile the story potential of VR, AR and other digital channels is just getting started. We are always looking to how these changes might inspire us to do better work.
We’re a mixed bag

we work

Our approach requires an eclectic team. We are comic book fans, gamers, travellers, film buffs, art and history lovers. With varied experience and perspectives, we’ve come together with the goal of making the new.

Whatever the project we take a writers room approach to bring these perspectives together. We laugh, argue a little, and in the process hopefully bring something genuinely inspiring and innovative to market. We take everything seriously, except for ourselves.
  • 1: High concept & tone
  • 2: Immersive research
  • 3: Format exploration
  • 4: Go to market plan
  • 5: Outline, art & scripts