An Otherly VR and 3D audio experience
through somebody elses eyes

Using the immersive power of virtual reality MISSING PIECES is a dramatised documentary series that magnifies the voices silenced throughout history, championing the unsung individuals whose stories reshaped the modern world.

:Episode 1

Imagine finding yourself in the belly of a WWII B-29 bomber as one of the world’s most captivating storytellers conjures Frederick Ashworth’s disastrous mission to bomb Nagasaki. Binaural sound and practical effects bring to life monsoon rains, malfunctioning equipment, and the crew’s terror when the atom bomb self-arms midway to the target.

:Series one

From Ashworth’s flight, to the 1969 riots that kicked off the fight for LGBTQ civil rights, to the massacre of striking coal miners in 1921 Blair Mountain Virginia, MISSING PIECES is a ten episode series that arms the most extraordinary storytellers in the world with immersive effects in order to bring to life the tales purposely written out of our history books.