An Otherly series for Television
through somebody elses eyes
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The near-future. When a massive virus strikes a space station, the entire world below goes mysteriously dark, and three astronauts find themselves cut off from their lives.

With no means of contact, no explanation for their isolation, and no idea what happened to their loved ones below, the astronauts take survival into their own hands. But when it becomes clear that death is certain, they are forced to confront the end of their old lives and decide how to live out their last days. This ending is just the beginning.
lift off

Bringing station to life

A rigorous approach to world building is at the heart of what makes Station distinctive, painting a vivid portrait of the near future where private investment continues to fuel the next space age. From the project's unique backstory as a collaboration between the Chinese government and a private US company, to the details of the crew’s daily work schedule, we have as ever been sweating the details.  The result is a series that is authentic and grounded in reality, while drawing intrigue and awaking curiosity.