a world of dark
a world of light
an Otherly Comic book and TV series

ISSUe 1 / january 2018


THEA is a world ruled by light and dark, half of the planet draped in perpetual day, half in endless night. For millennia, life evolved according to this celestial constant. Until the time came that one nation decided to build a new sun, burning away the dark and throwing the entire world into chaos.

There is no evil empire

Despite being divided by light and dark, Thea is not a tale of good vs evil. Our story is told from two sides. Two epic sagas, hemispheres apart, of a teenage girl and a middle aged man caught on either side of a world changing event. Ordinary people who each find that history will turn one way or the other by the choices they make. Through their eyes discover an expansive world as brutal as it is beautiful. A world we’ve spent five years creating to challenge the truths we take for granted. We hope you fall in love with it just as we have.
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Our work on Thea has been meticulous, and yes bordering on the obsessive at times.

From geography to biology, from religion to technology, we’ve obsessed about how that one singular difference that divides the planet between light and dark would impact everything. What we now have is a world with as much depth as it has diversity. A world that is grounded in science yet richly imaginative. Thea is largely inspired by Jodorowsky’s Dune and Hayao Miyazaki films, and built on the principle that contrast is king. It is expansive yet intimate, tragic yet joyous, darkly uncompromising yet infinitely beautiful. It will break your heart, but equally you may never want to leave.

Thea has been developed as a cross-media IP we have developed a rich framework for how and where stories within the universe should be told. Thea will launch first see the light of day as a comic book series at the beginning of 2018, but we are also working on a TV show and concepts for virtual reality and a video game.