There are two ways of working with


Our development slate includes work at various stages of development. Despite the differences in medium, audience, and route to market there are common themes. They are all imaginative, creatively ambitious, and when we started work on them, we couldn’t put them down.

We work with like-minded studios and publishers to take ideas from development into production and distribution.


Our work to bring your project to life takes shape with the same slight obsession we bring to homegrown properties. We add the most when the creative challenge is a little off the wall, complex, or in need of a fresh approach.
this may include:
  • Innovative ideas, new formats and new technologies
  • Developing rich IP’s across different media
  • Strategies to connect with more transient and demanding audiences

Example Projects:

Format innovation

We worked with a leading experiential entertainment studio to create a diverse development slate of original shows using VR, AR, 360 video and social media to help take immersive entertainment out of existing niches and engage with an upscale mainstream audience.

Our work included

Audience strategy
Concept research
12 Outlines ideas
3 scripts in development

we work

The night before

We worked with the leading producer of live action VR, Here Be Dragons, to send the classic Xmas story hurtling into the 21st century. Sleigh Ride combines a high octane rollercoaster experience with an original story about the relationship between Santa and firstmate Pepper the elf, on the most important night of the year. The piece was created for Samsung and used as the hook for driving sales of the Gear VR during the holiday season.

Our work included

Experience design 
Story Outline
Original script